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Impaired Toronto driver tells cop he doesn't have his licence just his shorts

York Regional Police have shared video footage of a suspected impaired driver who easily admits he doesn't have his drivers licence - just a pair of shorts.

In a tweet shared by the force accompanied with police video, York cops say a man was seen driving erratically, hitting and mounting curbs in Richmond Hill.

Footage shows an officer pulling over the pickup driver, who parked on the curb.

When the officer pulls up to the truck window and asks the driver how he's doing, he simply replies that he is lost and not from the area.

"I live in Toronto…I'm here but I don't know this place," said the driver, who seems to be slurring his words.

Of course the copper asks the man for his licence, to which the driver responds he does not have.

"I have nothing…I have shorts," he says to the cops' surprise.

It's assumed the driver meant he doesn't have his identification or wallet in his shorts pocket at the moment. 

"You have shorts? OK. So you don’t have a licence with you?," the officer asks again. The driver, simply responds "no" for a second time.

The video footage skips a couple moments and then shows the officer telling the driver a member of the public reported him for driving slowly on the street.

Explaining his dangerous driving, the man says the reason for driving slowly is because he is lost and unsure of his whereabouts.

Final moments of the video show multiple officers on scene explaining to the man they can smell the alcohol from his breath, asking him to turn around with his hands behind his back.

Ultimately the man is arrested and charged with impaired driving and driving with a suspended licence.

This is one of nearly 3,500 citizen-reported calls to police for suspected drunk driving, said the force. 

Lead photo by

York Regional Police

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