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It's going to be sweltering hot in Toronto next week with temperatures feeling like 37

The dog days of summer are finally arriving, and Toronto is in for a blast of some proper heat after a bit of a mid-July reprieve.

Those that prefer the heat can expect a real treat, with the mercury expected to soar into the high 20s and early 30s, and humidity making it feel as hot as 37 degrees into early next week.

The Weather Network reports rising temperatures starting Thursday the 14th, climbing from 25 C with a humidex of 27 C through the weekend to 29 C with a humidex of 36 C by Monday.

Temperatures are expected to peak at 30 C on Wednesday, with the heat feeling more like a scorching 37 C.

And this won't just be a short blast of heat, with forecasts calling for daytime highs no cooler than 27 degrees through July 27.

Luckily, homes lacking air conditioning will be given some relief from the extreme heat during overnight hours, with temperatures expected to hover around the 20-degree mark for much of the two-week stretch.

The lengthy heat spell could prove extra dangerous, not for being too hot, but actually by not being hot enough.

Environment & Climate Change Canada only issues heat warnings for Toronto when forecasts call for two or more consecutive days with daytime maximum temperatures of 31 C or warmer, minimum temperatures of 20 C or warmer, and multiple consecutive days with humidex values at or above 40 degrees.

The coming heatwave — only expected to hit 30 C with a humidex of 37 — is looking like it won't be oppressive enough to trigger such a warning.

That means at-risk persons would probably be better off with a few more degrees on thermometers and the accompanying access to emergency cooling centres.

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