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There are free edible plants growing all over Toronto and here's where you can find them

There are a ton of edible and delicious plants in Toronto just begging to be foraged and prepared.

As pointed out by one Twitter user, there are ample lambsquarters near Ernest Railpath park. Lambsquarters, also called Lamb's quarters, is an edible weed similar in taste to spinach, which can be eaten raw, boiled, steamed or blanched, according to Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Near Wychwood Barns, you can find many staghorn sumac plants, which can be identified for its red fruits. These berries are often used in steeped drinks.

Also near Wychwood Barns, foragers can sometimes find wild strawberries and crab apples, which believe or not, are actually edible (if you avoid the seeds and core).

Of course dandelions are common almost everywhere in Toronto (probably even your backyard!) and are often used in salads, cleaned and in raw form.

According to the Toronto Region Conservation Authority, both wild leeks and ostrich fern fiddleheads can be found in the Rouge Valley and around the Lower Don Valley. Wild leeks have a similar taste to onion.

It's best to find your wild leeks on private property if you'd like to forrage them (and ask permission to do so), because it's technically illegal to remove them from public sites.

Nasturtium plants, with their brightly coloured yellow and orange flowers and green leaves are edible and can be found throughout the city. The flowers are often used for cake and pastry decoration.

According to a Toronto Star article about David Arama, the brains behind WSC Survival School and a well-known outdoor programs leader and foraging expert, many wild plants and berries can be found in and around the Humber Valley area.

It's recommended that people only consume plants they are 100 per cent sure they've identified correctly, to avoid any sickness.

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