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Toronto neighbourhood is tired of people not cleaning up after their dogs

A Toronto neighbourhood is getting fed up with people not cleaning up after their dogs. 

On Nov. 21, a woman was spotted walking two dogs in Liberty Village, and walking away after her dog defacated on the ground. 

Another neighbour went up to her to remind her to pick up after her dog and the woman simply denied it was her dog who did it. 

"As a dog owner, I’m so sick and tired of constantly dodging poop bombs just because owners/walkers are too lazy or simply don't care to pick up. Good job calling them out!" said Laryssa Alexandra, a Facebook user. 

The incident was posted about in the neighbourhood's Facebook group called Liberty Village Residents Association

The community had their say about what happened, with some people saying the poop situation in Liberty Village is out of control. 

"This is very common in Liberty Village , I don't go a day without seeing a new one , it's disgusting to walk on the street and see it, come on now," said Sae Nicole Taylor over Facebook. 

According to the City, you can be fined up to $365.00 for failing to pick up dog excrement, as stated in Toronto's Animal by-laws. 

"Dog owner here - there is never an excuse to not pick it up. I literally used a leaf and a twig the other day when my dead brain forgot a bag," said Facebook user Sloane Alt. 

The conversation turned into a debate on whether or not Liberty Village dog owners should be put on blast over social media for not picking up after their animals. 

Some people argued that publicy shaming someone for doing so, isn't the right approach. 

"I confront people about it directly but trying to shame them to the masses on a public platform is a slippery slope," said Christina Hellsing on the post. "Maybe forward it to bylaw or ask bylaw instead, rather than the peanut gallery of a fb group," she added. 

The person who witnessed the woman walk away from the dog poop says she made the post with the hopes of it reducing the amount of feces in the neighbourhood. 

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Jeremy Gilbert

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