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Resident installs parking signs on Toronto street and the city might make them legal

Toronto residents frustrated with slow-moving city action on speed regulations, parking signs or just the entire flow of their streets should follow one community's solution — add your own signs.

That is kind of what's happening right now on one street in the city’s north end.

Thomas Clark Way is a small street found north of Hwy. 401 near Bayview Avenue. Someone recently put up their own street signs to stop people from parking and to regulate the speed, according to a report from the City of Toronto.

The Toronto Police Service, on behalf of residents of Thomas Clark Way, then asked the city to enact parking regulations on the street. The signs, posted by a property owner, are not enforceable by the Toronto Police Service.

Right now, parking is legally allowed for a maximum of three hours on both sides of Thomas Clark Way, no matter what the signs say.

"The property owner has posted signs stating 'Authorized Parking Only' on part of the north side of the Street and 'No Parking Fire Route' on part of the south side of the street. These signs are not enforceable by the Toronto Police Service," the report states.

Speed signs appear to restrict drivers to 10 km/hr on Thomas Clark Way, but the city states 50 km/hr is actually the law in this area. However, they are suggesting 30 km/hr as this is a goal for all local streets in the Vision Zero 2.0 Road Safety Plan.

The city's Transportation Service department is recommending both the speed and parking adjustments.

While it might be tempting to start making signs to correct dangerous issues on city streets, people should note Thomas Clark Way is an unassumed street. Unassumed streets are generally added in new subdivisions and the city doesn't take responsibility for them until they are fully assumed.

And as happened in this case, the signs might be posted, but no one actually has to follow them.

North York Community Council is considering the proposal to make the changes on Thomas Clark Way on Nov. 23, and then Toronto City Council will have final say on the matter.

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