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TTC stations will be flooded with protesters this week

This coming Tuesday on September 14, don't be surprised if your local TTC station is busier than usual as plans for a protest towards lower fares and better service moves forward.

The protest is being organized by community group TTCriders who hope the action on their part will draw the attention of federal leaders in the middle of the upcoming election.

With Toronto being Canada's largest city and growing more every day, they believe proper investment in its infrastructure is necessary for the nation.

"The purpose is to show federal parties that Toronto transit users want them to commit to permanent federal funding for transit operations. Millions of Canadians have been relying on transit during the pandemic, but without ongoing federal funding the TTC could cut service or increase fare prices," TTCriders Executive Director Shelagh Pizey-Allen told blogTO.

"We want to see the opposite happen: Lower fares and increase bus service to win back transit users. The TTC is creating a 5-Year Fare Plan this fall so it's perfect timing to make bold changes like expanding free TTC to people receiving social assistance and high school students."

The protest is being held at 13 stations across the city during various times throughout the day including many of the busiest stations such as Kipling, Spadina, Bathurst, and Yonge-Sheppard.

Previously, TTCriders has organized similar protests to fight against privatization or budget cuts thanks to its team of members and a number of volunteers supporting the cause.

Any and all people who wish to have their voice heard in the fight towards lower transit fares and better service for all are invited to come join the protests on Tuesday.

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Hector Vasquez

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