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Toronto crosswalk signal invites pedestrians to cartwheel

A sign at a busy crosswalk seemed to be inviting pedestrians to cartwheel across the intersection this month.

The sign spotted at Kingston Road and Guildwood Parkway recently might have fit into the "you had one job" category of embarrassing blunders found in the public realm.

But the city points the blame at a member of the public rather than their own staff.

"All traffic signal signage of this nature receives final inspection from the City's contractor before being activated, including this one, so it is likely this specific sign was changed following that inspection," a city spokesperson tells blogTO.

While the upside-down sign probably caused nothing more than a few laughs, meddling with a traffic sign could present a public safety issue.

A sign turned the wrong side up in another part of Toronto mislead drivers and made an intersection risky for pedestrians back in 2010.

"Traffic signals and signage at intersections are important for public safety, which the City takes very seriously," the spokesperson says.

"If anyone observes signage that appears upside down or otherwise not correct at traffic signal locations, we encourage them to contact 311 immediately. As well, members of the public should never change or alter traffic signal signage or equipment."

The sign at Kingston and Guildwood has already been corrected and the city is continuing to "investigate to understand how and why the signal sign was oriented upside down."

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