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People are now throwing rocks at Justin Trudeau during his campaign stops

Unless you've been, well, living under a rock in recent days, you'll know that Justin Trudeau has been facing vehement protesters at a number of his campaign trail stops — some of whom have now resorted to actually pelting rocks at the Prime Minister to express their disdain for his leadership.

After visiting a local brewery in London, Ontario, on Labour Day, Trudeau was filmed maneuvering through an audibly heated crowd and onto his bus.

As he tried to look back and wave to consituents, gravel was seen suddenly flying through the air at him, journalists covering the election, and his staff, who quickly escorted him on board.

The Liberal leader later told reporters on a flight that pieces of the debris "might have" hit his shoulder — a distinction that those present seemed to focus on — but that it was "no big deal" as he attempted to shrug the incident off.

Upon later reflection, he deemed the actions unnacceptable, saying that "nobody should be doing their jobs under the threats of violence or acts to put them in danger... that's not how we do things in Canada" during a stop in Montreal today.

He also condemned what he referred to as "anti-vaxxer mobs" that have shown up not only to his events but to other public spaces across the country, moreso now than ever in the midst of the rollout of vaccine passports in provinces like Ontario.

Trudeau's key opponents in the upcoming election, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and PC Leader Erin O'Toole, have also both spoken out against yesterday's events, with the former saying it is "absolutely wrong" to be literally throwing stones at people just because you disagree with them.

Singh also called the protesters "clearly troubled," adding that they pose a risk to all those present, including volunteers and journalists.

Trudeau has definitely had quite a rocky (for lack of a more fitting word) campaign trail so far, with detractors booing, hurling insults at and otherwise heckling him and physically blocking his bus at points.

Tensions have also flared between members of the crowds themselves, with harsh divisions between those who support vaccines and masks, and those who are vocally against the measures.

Trudeau has in many ways during this snap election relied on the perceived approval of his government's track record in dealing with COVID-19, the pandemic and leadership's response to it having now become perhaps the most divisive current event of our time.

He's had to cancel at least one campaign event in Ontario due to backlash and safety concerns, while his personal photographer deleted his Twitter account after Monday's stop , saying that he "could not handle people who think teaching their kids this kind of hatred [seen at campaign stops] is okay."

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