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Someone stole a kitten from a farm near Toronto and the owners are asking for help

The owners of a kitten stolen from a farm near Toronto are asking for help after someone decided to do the ultimate sucky thing.

You would have thought going through the communal hardships of a pandemic together would make people nicer, but they just keep being crappy. 

On July 3, someone stole a kitten from Carma Farms in Markham, prompting the owners to post to social media in a desperate attempt to try to to get the kitty back. "It's unbelievable to me that I even have to make this post," the post begins.

"There was a family that was walking around with Copy, our little boy kitten. We were busy and I wasn't able to go over and tell them to bring him back to the barn. When I had a moment I tried to find the family and they were gone and so was the kitten," reads the post, which says the kitten belongs to the family running the farm.

"We just want to let you know how devastated our kids are that somebody would steal a kitten from his family."

They didn't get a clear enough shot of the family on their security footage to post online in the hopes of identifying the kitnappers.

Hundreds of comments on social media express sympathy for the loss of the kitten and hopes that he's returned.

"We had four kittens here, two sisters and a brother and sister. They both came from friends' farms as they knew we were looking for kittens," Andrea Ross, who co-owns the farm with her husband Mike Ross, tells blogTO.

"Unfortunately a drawback to having livestock is there are always rodents around and the cats keep them in check."

Copy is one half of a pair born at the beginning of March, who the family got in May (his sister is named Cat). Up until now they had stayed in the barn which they knew as their home, but in the past week have been venturing outside the barn more to meet people and explore.

Ross was busy with a customer when she told her daughter to go tell the family that had been carrying Copy around to bring him back as he had never been that far from his barn before, which was when they realized the family was gone.

Sadly, they haven't seen him since, and have been looking around the farm in the hopes he might be hiding with no luck so far.

"All of us that were here Saturday remember the family and we all remember seeing them with the kitten," says Ross.

Normally they're ok with people cuddling the kittens, they just ask that they don't walk around with them and take them away from the barn.

"So far we have just posted on social media in the hopes that someone would come forward or he would be returned," says Ross.

"We are hoping in the end he will be returned to us. We don't need to know the identity of the people that took him, we would just like him back."

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