12 year old driving

Cops pulled over a 12-year-old driving his possibly high father around Aurora

York Regional Police shared a disturbing video today of an incident that involved a 12-year-old driving the car for his possibly impaired dad. 

A worried witness called 911 on May 1 to tell York police about a child who was seen driving while his father sat in the passenger's seat. 

"The car in front of me has almost caused two accidents. I pulled up and there's a 12-year-old kid driving the car," said the witness to YRP's phone operator. 

"I'm like, 'How old are you,' and he goes, 'Uh, 12.' And I'm like, 'You can't be driving a car'.... This was crazy. I've never seen this in my life." 

According to the 911 caller, the young driver's father eventually took over the steering wheel, where he was seen swerving and braking the vehicle. 

The video then shows police being dispatched to locate the 12-year-old and his dad. Officers apprehended a silver hatchback as it pulled into what appears to be Wellington Square shopping plaza in Aurora, ON.

After running a sobriety test, York police arrested the man for impairment and child endangerment. According to a release, YRP says that the man was impaired by drugs and had instructed his 12-year-old son to drive the vehicle. 

York's police say they tweeted the video of the incident to deter people from driving while impaired this long weekend. 

Lead photo by

York Regional Police, with files from Sophie Chong

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