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Toronto wants more off-leash dog parks and trails

If you're worried that Toronto is becoming nothing but condo developments and office spaces, then you'll be happy to know you're not the only one.

A number of movements and petitions have been started recently insisting the city open up more off leash dog parks and trails for pet owners across the city looking to run wild with their furry friends.

With the majority of Toronto residents living in small condos or rental units, there's not many opportunities to bring their dogs outside to a yard or patch of green space.

"Dogs and dog owners are part of the community. Living in a community means sharing outdoor spaces," said one petition. 

"There seem to be more dogs than children in the Yonge and Finch area - in keeping with the demographic of condo and townhouse residents. Yet the parks cater to children and dogs are prohibited."

Not limited to just parks, there's also hope that more off leash trails can be opened up within the city in the near future.

Many pet owners enjoy getting exercise with their dog and allowing the animal's natural curiosity to get them exploring various spots along a walking trail is one of the best way to keep a dog physically and mentally stimulated.

With many people having gotten a new pet to keep themselves company during lockdown, the city can expect an influx of new pet owners hoping to explore the city once things begin to open up again.

Hopefully the parks and trails are ready for them all.

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Jeremy Gilbert

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