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Toronto man who rushed into fire to save elderly woman is being hailed a hero

Aaron Gerrett is being praised for his heroics after risking his life to save an elderly woman who was trapped inside a burning building.

While visiting a friend living in The Beaches, the 32-year-old was staying with a friend when the fire alarm went off as the unit across the hall caught fire. A rush of smoke filled the building as Gerrett and his friend quickly evacuated.

Once reaching safety outside, Gerrett rushed back in after hearing a woman frantically shouting that her mother was still inside. Despite blinding smoke, Garrett navigated through the building by sliding his hands along the walls until he found the women in her unit.

Unable to quickly leave on her own to a walker, Gerrett carried her to safety before first responders could arrive.

Gerrett, an avid skateboarder (judging by his Insta), spent a night recovering from smoke inhalation at Michael Garron Hospital. 

There is now a GoFundMe open for those hoping to give back to a local hero, who could actually use some money right now.

"We hope to help him get an apartment or house of his own," says the GoFundMe. "Currently, he is living from couch to couch, this money will go towards helping him achieve a basic need and security most people are lucky to have."

Going into Easter weekend, it stood at just over $1,500 raised towards a modest $5,000 goal.

(There's also a page set up for the friend he was staying with, who's not been able to move back into her apartment yet.)

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