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Special weather alert issued for Toronto as strong winds threaten damage

Batten down your patio furniture and anything else that has the potential to blow away this afternoon, Toronto: It looks like we could be in for a classic Southern Ontario wind storm, the likes of which often fell trees, fences, power lines, sheds and even giant fast-food beacons.

A special weather statement is currently in effect for the City of Toronto and many surrounding regions due to what Environment Canada predicts will be dangerously strong gusts of wind.

"Chilly northwesterly winds have begun to strengthen early this morning," reads a warning issued by the federal weather agency updated early Friday.

"Gusts of 70 to 80 km/h are expected by late this morning or this afternoon across the area. Strong winds will continue into the evening before gradually easing."

Environment Canada warns that today's strong winds "will toss loose objects and may cause some tree branches to break."

Not "could," but "will"  — which is a pretty solid vote of confidence from any weather agency.

Isolated power outages are also possible, according to EnviroCan. Based on what Toronto has dealt with in the past, residents should also keep a lookout for flying debris and toppled trees.

Oh, and if crazy winds aren't enough to get you excited, just wait for this evening, when snow flurries are expected to hit the GTA, just in time for May.

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