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Someone is leaving hot dogs stuffed with pills in a Toronto neighbourhood

Pet owners, wildlife stewards and people who may be at risk of taking dares to eat random hot dogs off the ground are advised to be extra cautious when visiting parks or other outdoor spaces in Toronto right now.

Etobicoke's Royal York Animal Hospital says that it has received multiple reports of "suspicious food" being found by people walking their dogs or visiting green spaces in the Centennial Park area.

One of the veterinary hospital's clients recently even found hot dogs stuffed with pills in their own backyard.

"WARNING: Please use caution when your pet is outside," reads an Instagram post featuring pictures of the spiked wieners.

"One of our clients found these hot dogs filled with pills in their own backyard. We have also had reports of suspicious food being found in parks and on walks. This was found in the Centennial Park area."

Fortunately, a keen-eyed human saw the suspicious hot dogs before a pup could wolf them down. It is not clear what the pills contained, but Royal York Animal Hospital says it advised the client to contact police for further investigation.

"If you suspect that your dog has eaten anything on a walk, seeking immediate veterinary attention can help save your pet," warns the hospital, which is located at 4222 Dundas St W. "Please be alert and aware. Dangers can be anywhere."

Indeed they can. (Though, in the case of those famous 'poisoned' peanut shells at dog parks earlier this year, Toronto police determined that there was never in fact any threat.)

"My dog was poisoned by something at a park and died last June after fighting hard for her life for 3 days in the ICU," said one client of Royal York Animal Hospital in response to the warning.

"She was the second of three dogs in my area to get sick after ingesting something. People are awful. Learn from my mistakes and please be super vigilant walking your pups!"

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Royal York Animal Hospital

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