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Ontario recruits influencers and celebrities for online campaign telling people to stay home

The Ontario government is launching a new social media campaign to encourage residents to stay home and stay safe, and they're using influencers and celebrities to help get the message across. 

Over the coming days and weeks, a number of well-known musicians, artists, athletes, and social media influencers will participate in the #StayHomeON campaign by posting online messages telling people to follow the rules now so we can go back to enjoying our lives later. 

First up on the roster is comedian Rick Mercer, who posted a "rant" on Twitter this morning saying he "can't wait for this long, horrible movie called COVID-19 to come to an end."

In the video, the television personality attempts to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the government's messaging by explaining that it really isn't complicated and that people should just stay home, adding that just because you're technically allowed to do something doesn't mean you should. 

He then says what we're all thinking by mentioning how much he misses the days when he didn't have to watch Premier Doug Ford speak every day at 1 p.m.

And Mercer also has a specific message for the young people of Ontario. 

"Currently, you're in the lead when it comes to getting COVID and then passing it on to others," he says. "And I understand why. It is a scientific fact that people between the ages of 18 and 29 lead far more exciting lives than anyone else. After 50, compared to you guys, we're all dead inside. But still, you have to stay in."

Mercer goes on to acknowledge that when young people hear the government tell them to stay home, many are likely wondering if that means they can't "hook up" anymore.

"Well the answer to that is yes, that is correct," he says.

"Doug Ford is personally imploring you to not hook up. And if you are tempted to do so, just imagine Doug in the room with you, just six feet away in a hazmat suit, and he's watching you. And imagine the disappointment on his face. Don't do it. Stay home."

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Rick Mercer

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