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Here are the funniest Ontario license plate ideas rejected in 2020

ServiceOntario has to reject a large number of custom license plate requests each year based on standards that prohibit offensive language, discriminatory or derogatory terms, combinations that are unclear or hard to read, and references to things like drugs and alcohol, among other things.

Given the pandemic and everything else that went on in the dumpster fire of a year that 2020 was, many of last year's rejected plate ideas were pretty humorous and, unsurprisingly, COVID-themed.

Among those turned down between Jan. 1 and Dec. 15, per a list provided to blogTO from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, there were many variations of "FUKCOVID," as well as "MR.COVID," "COVIDKLR," "WEARMASK" and boring ol' "19COVID" and "COVID.19."

Then there were the people who wanted to advertise their feelings about the year, with applications for "2020.WTF," FCK2020," "WTF2020," and similar slogans.

"CERBDADDY" was also sadly declined, as were other ideas that mentioned the federal benefit that helped much of the population out while they faced months of job loss due to lockdown, including "CERBLIFE" and "ILY.CERB."

Other hilarious notable mentions on the list include "0NMYBS," "1PHATASS" and "BDB1TCH," which were all rejected for being abusive, obscene or containing detogatory language, while things like "ZOOOMIEZ" were, for some reason, turned down for potential relation to drugs and alcohol.

There were also a few ideas that just screamed Toronto, such as "AREUDUMB," "FKN.RYTE," and "6IXBLESS," none of which were approved, tragically.

If you're ever looking to personalize your ride with a plate that has special meaning, make sure that it's one that adheres to the province's guidelines, lest it too be rejected.

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