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Toronto police warn not to attend unauthorized Santa-themed gathering

While Toronto's annual Santa Claus parade happened virtually this year instead of in person as a result of the pandemic, it seems some Toronto residents are planning an alternate face-to-face holiday event despite public health measures restricting it.

In a series of tweets posted Thursday afternoon, Toronto police warned of a "Santa-themed gathering" being advertised for Sunday, Dec. 20 in the downtown area. 

"This gathering has not been authorized by @CityofToronto," wrote police. "Please do not attend."

In the thread, police reminded residents that Toronto is under a provincial order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 which prohibits gatherings of more than 10 people outside.  

In other words, this upcoming event is both unauthorized and illegal. 

And while police did not specify exactly what this event is or who the organizers are, a tweet from notorious anti-masker Chris "Sky" Saccoccia, who was charged in October for flouting Canada's quarantine laws after an overseas trip and, more recently, created a stir when he posted a video of himself on an Air Transat flight without a mask, indicates that he will be in attendance.

"I'll be bringing the FREE TOYS for all the children and shaking hands with the hundreds of Law Enforcement officers supporting us," wrote Sky on Twitter Thursday. 

But according to police, law enforcement officers will not be on site to support the event — quite the opposite.

"There will be a visible officer presence in the area to enforce the relevant laws, as well as any traffic offences," wrote police.

"No permit has been issued for this gathering. Trucks or large vehicles are prohibited from participating. Public safety is a priority and we ask you to stay home to protect yourself and others. We will continue to monitor the situation."

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