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Toronto police say someone is breaking into homes while people are still inside

Toronto police have issued a public safety alert after several recent residential break-and-enters in which a suspect took advantage of unlocked doors during the night. 

Police from TPS 13 Division, located at 1435 Eglinton Ave. West, issued the statement after several incidents were reported in the area as well as in 53 Division (75 Eglinton Ave. West.), and officers said some of the break-and-enters occurred while the residents were home.

Fortunately, those who were home at the time were unaware that the break-and-enter was occurring and only realized the following morning.

"No one was hurt in any of the incidents but property including purses, wallets and clothing were taken," reads the statement from police.

Constable Caroline de Kloet told blogTO these incidents should serve as a reminder for residents to lock their doors at all times, regardless of whether they live in a house, aparment or condo. 

She added that in these incidents, the residents had not only left their front door unlocked but they had also left valuable, personal belongings right near the entrance.

"Get into the habit of when you enter, lock the door," she said. "And when you do go to sleep, bring your personal belongings like your purse with you to your room where you sleep."

While none of the victims have caught wind of the intrusion until afterwards thus far, de Kloet has some advice for what to do if a resident does realize someone has broken into their home while it's happening: "Don't confront the individual and call 911 right away."

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