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Even Toronto churches have been encouraging everyone to shop local

It's been an undoubtedly brutal year for small businesses in Toronto amid weeks of forced lockdowns and other stringent health and safety measures that have severely impacted profits, running countless stores and restaurants into the ground.

Though the physical distance and convenience of online shopping have made it more of a trend in 2020 than ever, many residents are reminding one another that it's crucial to support the little guys this year, especially during what would usually be their busiest season.

Among those issuing calls to shop local this holiday season is one unexpected figure: a Toronto church, which shared the message in the most clever and witty way on its outdoor signage. 

"Thou shalt buy local," reads the digital sign outside of All Saints' Kingsway Anglican Church near Bloor and Royal York in Etobicoke, with the brilliant addition of "1 Isolations 24:7" underneath it.

The commandment may not be an official one, but it is nevertheless an important one this year.

"We know the members of the community here and we’ve got relationships with a lot of the businesses locally, which were developed over years and years of working together on things like our Out of the Cold Initiative for the homeless," Reverend Patrick McManus told blogTO.

"We thought it very good to invest in them as well and make sure people are thinking about that message and what it means, especially this year, to invest in their community... We hope it made a difference."

With many independent retailers ramping up their online presences and pivoting in other ways to help bring in some business, hopefully being mindful of our shopping habits really can make a difference, because it's undoubtedly your favourite local spot around the corner that needs your patronage right now, not Amazon or Walmart.

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