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Toronto neighbourhood raising money to thank favourite local mailman at Christmas

The residents of Riverdale really can't imagine a better mail carrier than their neighbourhood mailman, Mike. 

After talking with neighbours, Nikki Saltz, who has lived in the community for eight years, decided to put a GoFundMe together to show their favourite postman some gratitude for all his hard work throughout the pandemic. 

"He's just one of those people who really makes this place feel like home, and he brings such warmth," Saltz told blogTO. 

Saltz says she watched Mike dedicatedly make his deliveries so that she and her neighbours had everything they needed through the initial lockdown and during some of the hottest days of the summer. 

All the while, she says he never failed to remember everyone's name and even happily delivered mail to a new location if he knew someone would be house-sitting a few doors down. 

"He's also so sweet to my dog, even though my dog basically tries to kill him every day. He's just always smiling and is really, the epitome of kindness."

So far, over $380 has been raised toward the $500 fundraiser goal. 

Riverdale residents have also been leaving kind messages since Saltz created the page back in November. 

Saltz says she plans on printing out the messages and pasting them into a big card when she gives him the money around Christmas. 

"He'll probably try to not accept the gift because he's such a sweet, humble guy," she says. 

"I think he knows that he's a beloved figure in our community, but I'm not sure he knows just how much everybody values his work, his kindness and his warmth."

Sarah El Baramawi is one of the community members who has donated to the page. 

"Mike has gone above and beyond for my mom as well as our family making sure to let us know if we missed a parcel - knocking loudly at our door if there is a larger parcel waiting," she told blogTO. 

"I decided to contribute without hesitation; it's only a small token of appreciation of what our frontline workers do for us." 

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Richie Diesterheft

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