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10 memorable viral videos from Toronto in 2020

There's no arguing against the assertion that 2020 has been a weird year for Toronto — but can you name a year that hasn't been weird in this glorious city of ours? Reflecting back upon some of this year's biggest viral hits proves that, even despite a pandemic, Toronto stays entertaining (and way into raccoons.)

Here are some of this year's most memorable viral videos from Toronto.

Segway raccoon

The remarkable rescue of a raccoon in peril resonated with people all over Toronto in October, prompting fan art and thousands of digital kisses for an unidentified, segway-riding man who was caught on camera transporting a naughty nightboi from traffic to safety.

Britney Spears dance break

It is not quite clear who the woman in this video is, or why she stopped her car to blare the 1998 Britney classic "Baby One More Time" and dance in the street, but this unusual (and truly joyous) moment put a much-needed smile on many a face when it was captured on camera in late April.

Scarborough Bluffs collapse

Beachgoers were rocked (almost literally) in August when a "large portion" of the Scarborough Bluffs collapsed near Lookout Point. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but it served to remind people why they should stay off of the eroding structure.

Skateboarders on the Gardiner

With just a fraction of the traffic they normally accommodate amid the first lockdown, Toronto's roads and highways attracted plenty of eager daredevils, including these three skateboarders who were caught on camera expertly cruising down a Gardiner Expressway offramp.

McDonald's at Queen and Spadina filled with bags

Takeout took over Toronto this spring as people hunkered down amid the first wave of COVID-19 with little to do but order comfort food from places like Mickey Dee's. One busy downtown McDelivery hub attempted to handle the rush by covering every surface in (empty) take-out bags. McCorporate put a swift end to that.

The secret of Berczy Park 

Toronto resident Ratib Alif blew the minds of people all over the city in November with a keen observation about one of the lone cats around the famous dog fountain in Berczy Park: Follow the kitty's gaze and you'll find a delightfully-placed little bird.

Truck pushes car sideways down the 401

This video of a massive salt truck pushing a sedan along Highway 401 until its bumper falls off is one of many wild incidents recorded on highways in and around Toronto throughout the course of 2020. Nobody was hurt, but the footage left many viewers confused.

Raccoon caught swimming in backyard pool

A hot raccoon decided to take a lil' dip in the pool behind a home near Toronto's Humber River, revealing to many in the city that raccoons can swim — and pretty well, too. The little plumper got in and out of the water three times before ambling away as the home's owners filmed and laughed their heads off.

Angry red-winged blackbird terrorizes Liberty Village

A bird who, for the past two years, has been hanging out in the trees of a west-end Toronto neighbourhood and swooping at anyone who walks beneath him rose from infamy to internet fame this summer when someone recorded a series of hilarious "attacks." Thanks to TikTok, Dive-Bomber Dave is now an international avian celebrity.

Bros throw bottles of booze into Lake Ontario

People got raucous back in August when bars reopened to the public under Stage 3 of Ontario's then-framework. A bit too raucous, judging by how quickly numbers began to rise again this fall — and by videos like this one showing some clubgoers spending more than $10K on booze at Cabana and whipping bottles into the lake.

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