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Toronto Humane Society asking for help after more than 20 new animals surrendered

The Toronto Humane Society is asking for financial help after more than 20 new animals in need of emergency care were surrendered within the span of 3o days, resulting in over $100,000 in vet bills.

The shelter started a campaign to raise money to help cover some of these costs, and so far they've raised just five per cent of their goal with $5,885. 

"Every day at Toronto Humane Society we go the extra mile to ensure the animals who arrive at our doorstep get the lifesaving care they need," reads the fundraiser description.

"For some animals, it means multiple surgeries, it means following-up with a year-long program for rehabilitative care, and often it means adding some training or behaviour plans to set the animals up for success when they are ready for their forever home."

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more pet owners are falling on hard times and being forced to surrender their beloved animals.

This has resulted in an influx of new pets arriving at animal shelters in Toronto, many of which have medical issues that require costly emergency care. 

"As more and more pet parents can expect to be hit by hard times due to economic troubles, this level of care will likely become a more regular occurrence," wrote THS.

Mimi the cat is one example. She was surrendered for having a cough, diarrhea, a mass, anorexia and bradycardia (a slower than normal heart-rate) — all while being pregnant. 

THS says Mimi is finally starting to improve and eat on her own, but her vet bills have amounted to just under $6,500. 

Another kitten named Chello, meanwhile, was recently found in the middle of a highway and needed immediate medical attention. 

Animals like Mimi and Chello are being surrendered to THS more frequently than usual, which is precisely why they're asking for help.

"Having to give up your animal is almost every pet owner's greatest fear. But what do you do when you've fallen on tough times, mixed up in a freak accident and your pet's life is at risk? Who do you turn to?" wrote THS.

"You can help today, by donating to the live saving work at Toronto Humane Society and by simply sharing this page with your friends and family! Thank you for improving the lives of many animals in need."

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