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People are furious after Toronto car slowly drives by pedestrian on sidewalk

Toronto's latest viral video is a testament to what some people (and apparently science) already knew: that drivers of luxury cars are more likely to be complete jerks.

The video, which has been shared widely since it was first posted to Twitter on Tuesday, shows an Audi SUV slowly cutting through a bike lane and rolling up onto a sidewalk to bypass a line of vehicles stopped behind a garbage truck on the road ahead.

The act may not have been considered as bad if it wasn't for the multiple pedestrians  who were walking on the sidewalk at the time.

One bystander, who has been described by some news outlets as being "narrowly avoided" by the car, was deliberately standing in its way to prove a point and try and stop the driver.

The original poster of the footage also tried to stop the vehicle, identifying the bystander as his neighbout as he stated on Twitter: "My neighbour was almost hit by a car in front of my own house. I tried to step in front of the car to [not] allow him to move but was scared [of] being hit."

He later told CTV that his neighbour "stood her ground" and yelled at the single male driver, which is why she was so close to the vehicle as it passed.

Many are outraged by the incident, which occurred on Argyle Street near Ossington Avenue around 11:15 a.m., especially given the fact that pedestrian safety is a very real issue in the city. (Last year alone, 42 pedestrians and one cyclist were killed by drivers on Toronto streets More were injured, as about six people were hit by cars per day.)

Others noted that though the driver was obviously in the wrong for the reckless and unsafe manoeuvre, "it's also wrong as a pedestrian to place oneself in harm's way."

Still others chimed in to say that though the driver's conduct was indeed wrong, they feel that "garbage trucks should not be allowed to block a road."

Still, as many residents pointed out, pedestrians have the right to walk or stand on a sidewalk without having to worry about, you know, being hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Thankfully, the driver in this case was moving very slowly (before speeding off when they got back onto the road) and no one was hit or harmed.

A report has been filed with local police, who were also tagged numerous times on the social media post about the incident. Toronto police's Traffic Services branch told news sources that they are aware of the video and are reviewing it.

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