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Cyclist stops thief from stealing her bike in hilarious viral video

A local woman is being hailed today as a hero and total badass after stopping someone from stealing her bike outside a Hamilton Hasty Market.

The incident, caught on camera by the Hasty Market's security system, shows a young man grabbing an expensive-looking bike from right outside the convenience store's front door.

He attempts to hop on the bicycle and ride away, but fails to swing his leg up over the bar. He manages to mount it in a second attempt, but turns around as its owner comes out of the Hasty Market yelling.

Instagram user and bike courier @jesustine can be seen approaching the person on her bike while speaking. Knowing he's been foiled, the young man drops the bike between his legs and tries to skulk away, laughing.

The bike owner isn't having it: She pushes the man away from her property in a move that will surely prompt cheers from anyone who's ever had their bike stolen (read: anyone who's ever owned a bike in Toronto.)

"Don't fuck with my horsey," wrote jesustine in the caption of an Instagram post when sharing the video. "Shout out to my local Hasty Market owner for looking out for me. #cyclistjustice."

She goes on to explain that the thief was totally fine after being pushed over, lightly kicked and yelled at.

"He ran away laughing and said he wanted the bike to go get weed," noted jesustine. "I'm extremely protective over my bike (it was free locked) bc I am a bike courier, it is my life."

"Never actually caught someone [trying to] steal my bike nor ever acted like this to anyone in my life," she continued. "You never know the consequences, but hey, funny enough it was on video... stay safe."

A copy of jesustine's video shared to 6ixbuzzTV has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times in just over a day.

While mislabelled by 6ixbuzz as having taken place in Scarborough, the clip is resonating widely with cyclists all over the country.

"I want to do that to the variety of people that have stolen my locked bikes over the years," wrote one commenter from Toronto. "#biketheftcapitaloftheworld."

"Good for that pos!!" wrote another. "I'd love to do this to the person who stole one of my bikes."

Most people are simply laughing at the thief's sloppy moves, however — when they're not pointing out how much he looks like the infamous Toronto rapper and Instagram smack-talker Debby.

"Imagine robbing a bike but not knowing how to ride one," joked one person in the comments of 6ixbuzzTV's post.

"World's a sad place," wrote another. "Especially when you're too unfit to ride a bike you're trying to steal."

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