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How to live like a millionaire in Toronto

Living like a millionaire in Toronto is easier than you think. Top notch restaurants, expensive booze and fancy yachts are not hard to come by, they're just hard to get bored of when you have so much money.

Here's how to live like a millionaire in Toronto.

Rent a yacht for you and your friends, or just you
Hire the Captain Matthew Flinders for an evening starting at $5,895 or smaller yacht affair with The Klancy at $2,895. Flinders especially comes with a huge sound system, DJ, dancefloor, restaurant and quartz counters. A cute vessel for you and your friends or just yourself to get out on the water and think about the money you have.

Spend a night inside Drake's Sher Club
For about $7,000 a year you can lounge in style, instead of with the wild peasants out in the stands. The private club is reserved for taste makers who hang out under the 2,500 hand-blown glass ball chandeliers or slither into the Champagne Room where 66 bottles of Dom PĂŠrignon line the walls.

Eat the most expensive steak of your life
Jacob's and Co. serve a $1,250 A5 Kobe Black Tajima-Hyogo Prefecture from Japan. It's for a 25oz slab, but who cares, get three more, you're a millionaire!

Get a super luxe facial
The Stillwater Spa at the Park Hyatt has a $400 facial called Secrets of the Sea which blends pearl proteins and sea silk. Most of their facials last 60 minutes, but this one runs for 90. You'll feel like Ariel after they massage all your stress away.

millionaire matchmaker

Buy a House
Seriously though. You basically have to have a million dollars to buy a nice house in Toronto these days. It's a bit ridiculous, but if you're a millionaire, who cares! We highly recommend investing in this $10,950,000 church conversion as your starter home.

Get a bottle of Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 at Soushin
There are only 738 bottles of this 100-year old cognac. They're the only restaurant in Canada serving this and it's worth $30,000. A bottle of regular, not "rare" RĂŠmy Martin Louis XIII would cost you $3,100 at the LCBO. A sip of this at this sushi restaurant costs $1,000.

millionaire matchmaker

Douce yourself in Tom Ford's Black Orchid from Holt Renfrew
The Lalique limited edition of this perfume is only available at Holts, which you're probably shopping in as you read this post, so no biggie. $1,100 allows you to smell like the most precious of flowers. The bottle is gorgeous and so are you. Go for it.

Rent a helicopter to get to your Muskoka home
You obviously own property in Muskoka, you're a millionaire. Rent a twin engine helicopter (they carry the Augusta 109) from the friendly folks at Air Charter Services Toronto for $3,000-$5,000 an hour. It should take you about 30-45 minutes each way. So you're looking at under $8,000 for the return trip. Make sure to have a private chef get something ready for when you land.

Take a cake making class at Cake Opera Co.
Alexandria Pellegrino will take you through a master cake making class and change your life forever. You'll never be able to look at cake the same way. Take the Abandoned Theatre Cake class Magnificent Masked Swan Empress Class with some pals for $1,500 and make everyone's jaws drop. Crystalized flowers, 24 karat gold flakes ... only the finest.

millionaire matchmaker

Book the Royal Suite at the Four Seasons
Head to the 21st floor - the Hotel's top level - to this three bedroom, three bathroom, 180 degree luxury suite and take a load off. There's a full kitchen, dinning room for eight and at $16,000 CAD per night + tax, it's a penny in your ocean.

Did I miss something you'd do if you were rolling in cash in Toronto? Let us know in the comments.

Top photo by Stephen Caissie in the blogTO Flickr pool.

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