600K condo toronto

What kind of condo does $600K get you in Toronto?

The $600K condo in Toronto is something of a breakthrough point. With this purchasing power, buyers can afford spacious units in most parts of the city. That's not to say that you'll be able to buy a palace for this amount, but unlike those in the market for houses, there's some luxury to be had once you get comfortably about the half a million mark.

This is what a $600K condo looks like in Toronto.

$637,900 at Queens Quay and York
You'll get two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and stunning views of the city if you're willing to break just above the $600K mark. This building is just footsteps from the waterfront and features both an indoor and outdoor pool. The design is tasteful if bland, but a creative eye could do a lot with it. Maintenance fees are just over $600 a month.

600K condo toronto

$580,000 in Liberty Village
For a little less than $600K, you can buy a townhouse at the western end of Liberty Village. This section of the neighbourhood is actually a bit better in terms of traffic, but somewhat removed from all the action. This unit has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and underground parking. Maintenance fees are low at just below $440 a month.

600K condo

$599,000 in the Beaches
You'll find quite a variety of townhouses in this price range, like this tasteful Beaches property. It's only one bedroom but comes in at 775 square feet with an additional 470 in the form of a walk-out terrace. You're paying for the proximity to the lake, but also the higher quality finishing touches (quality appliances, floors, counter tops, etc.). Maintenance fees are $470 a month.

600K condo toronto

$599,000 at Yonge and Sheppard
Yonge and Sheppard is a major condo hub for a reason. Close to both the subway and the 401, the location is ideal for many first time buyers. This unit is two bedrooms plus a den, so you're getting lots of living space for your investment. That said, it'll take work to fight the drab factor of the unit's design. Maintenance fees are $590 a month.

600K condo

$595,000 near Bay and College
You'll only get one bedroom and bathroom for your $600K on Bay St., but the building is loaded with amenities including an indoor pool with a retractable roof. There's not much else that's remarkable about this condo, save for its convenient location, though at this price that's hardly novel. Maintenance fees are just shy of $465 a month.

600K condo toronto

$629,000 on Kingston Rd.
As always, if you head east you'll find the bang for your buck increases. This condo on Kingston Rd. has almost 1,100 square feet of living space, plus a 500 square foot private terrace. There's also nice little touches like a natural gas line for a barbecue and a built-in wine fridge. Maintenance fees are just over $600 a month.

Would you buy any of these units at the listed prices? Let us know in the comments.

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