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How to find a roommate in Toronto

Finding a roommate isn't always the easiest feat. If you aren't willing to wage war with your close friends or romantic partner over rent cheques and dirty dishes, you may want to step outside your immediate social bubble to find a housemate. These outlets will help you hunt down likeminded roommates that should make cohabitating bearable.

Here's how to find a roommate in Toronto.

I can say this with full and total confidence: Bunz is the answer to all our prayers. If you can snag an invite to the secret trading society, you'll be blessed to pages worth of quirky offerings - from vintage gaming consoles to good ideas. Need a roommate? Head to the Home Zone - some of Toronto's finest citizens are looking to shack up with you.

Nice Place Toronto
If you'd rather skip sifting through questionable ads on Craigslist, check out Nice Place Toronto. The site runners have done the dirty work for you and scoured all the go-to apartment hunting tools to find the best of the best. Aside from posting some enviable pads that you can post up in alone or with a pal, they also pick out rooms in already inhabited houses so you don't have to find roomies.

Padmapper is not a new tool. In fact, if you've ever looked for an apartment, you're probably all too familiar with it. The site just got a redesign, so it doesn't look quite as antiquated and, despite whether you love it or hate it, is actually pretty good at tracking down pads. Adjust the side dials to search for rooms instead of apartments and you may just find the perfect housemate.

Apartmate is like a dating app for roommates. Plug in all your necessary info and you'll get to see who you're best suited to live with. Not convinced on your match score? Read some bios or, if you feel like you've found the one, hit them up with an email.

Toronto Roommate Mixer
Nix searching for a roomie Plentyoffish-style and opt to meet a few potentials at the Toronto Roomate Mixer. Hosted by the folks behind Apartmate, this event pops up every once in a while, offering prospective housemates the chance to shake hands and mingle IRL.

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