toronto power couples

The top 5 Toronto power couples

The top Toronto power couples are the city's ultimate ride or dies. While duos like Susur Lee and Brenda Bent are known for their social and business capital, it's the quirky side of partnership that most interests us. While the following partners aren't in love in the typical sense, their bonds still teach us key lessons about romance, friendship, and, of course, Toronto.

Here are five of the city's top power couples.

Drake and Norm Kelly
Former Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly loves himself a little Drizzy, but unlike the rest of us, he's actually managed to cultivate a relationship with the 6 God. The two often exchange tweets and instagrams (modern day love letters) and occasionally step out together in public. While they may not be penning their vows anytime soon, it's safe to say that they have the city's most publicized bromance.

Dead raccoon and friend
Hearts across Toronto shattered when a video of a dead raccoon mourning the loss of his fallen friend went viral. Though we will never actually know the relationship between these two trash pandas, the less cynical among us learned a thing or two about love and loss via their heartbreaking scene.

The Bodybreak couple
If you own a television, Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod are not strangers to you. The ultimate mom and dad combo have been reminding the people of our fair city to "keep fit and have fun" for 25 years now and aren't stopping anytime soon. Their healthy (in more ways than one) and stable relationship makes them a model in these times of quick swipes and ghosting.

Rob and Doug Ford
Rob and Doug Ford are one of the most divisive duos in this city, even as they've stepped out of the centre of the spotlight. But they've never needed public approval; they've got each other. Though their politics may rub some people the wrong way, they stand by each other no matter what the challenge.

Uber and Taxi
Toronto's ultimate odd couple fights 24/7. This mismatched pair seems to be in a perpetual power struggle for dominance on our city streets, but boy do they have passion. This is a War of the Roses if there ever was one. It's unclear if both will be able to remain in Toronto for the long-haul, but you can be sure sparks will fly as they try to work out the not so subtle kinks in their relationship.

Who did I miss? Add your Toronto OTPs to the comments.

Writing by Alice Prendergast and Amy Grief.

Photo by Matt Levin-Gold.

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