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The top 10 places to study in the Annex

Studying in the Annex is filled with possibilities. These neighbourhood gems will set you up for a solid day of studying, hours of charging, and an atmosphere to get the inner student flowing - even if you're just trolling the web for cat videos.

Here are my picks for the top places to study in the Annex.

L'Espresso Bar Mercurio

Spacious and bright, this student-friendly coffee house on Bloor near Varsity Stadium is great for a pleasant study session, but be warned that outlets are scarce. You don't have to give up your spot to get nourishment, either, as they have tons of fresh sandwiches, snacks and drinks to keep you going.

Creeds Coffee Bar

This large Dupont cafe on that shares its space with dry cleaner has plenty of seating, WiFi and power outlets making it a good option if you're studying with a small group. Expertly pulled espresso based drinks, juices and pastries round out the essential offerings.

Aroma Espresso

You'll be well prepared to settle in for a few hours at this coffee chain near Bloor and Bathurst with ample plugs, reliable WiFi and room to spread out. But the best part is that the cafe is open late and if there isn't a spot when you first arrive, there's usually enough turnover to snatch a seat or large table.

Spadina Road Library

If you don't have the luxury of having a UTORid, you may want to save your data and head on over to for free WiFi and individual study spots. Open to all, you only need a library card to get you set up.

The Common

Studying here would largely depend on what kind of studier you are. Small tables are perfect for the compact studier with everything confined to a laptop, but lack of plugs could pose a problem. Either way, it's beautiful, intimate space with good coffee and reliable wifi.

OISE Library

Surrounded by big windows OISE's main level library is open to non-U of T students. It's a great place to study and features lots of tables and comfy seating, but do note you'll need a UTORid to access the wifi.

Robarts Library

With space on the main and second floor for non U of T students (access to other floors and wifi require a UTORid), you're bound to find a prime study spot in impeccable silence.

CSI Cafe

With ample space and plenty of comfy seating, CSI Cafe is a perfect spot to draft on the motivational energies in the room and get inspired. You'll be surrounded by fellow studiers with access to outlets and free wifi.

Ezra's Pound

If you're looking for a cozy study spot with top-notch coffee, this is the place. While there aren't a ton of accessible outlets, it's bustling with people working on projects or socializing creating the perfect study vibe.

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OISE Library

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