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Toronto Twitter reaction to the federal election

Twitter reaction to the federal election was profound. In addition to tweets tagged with #tweettheresults, many of which disregarded the warnings not to transmit early poll results over the social media platform, the #elxn41 was so active that it was almost impossible to keep up via the Tweetdeck due to the speed by which the column repopulated. Nevertheless, after major events like elections, it's fun to do the digital version of the "man on the street" soundbite. So, here's a roundup of tweets from last night that (generally) have a Toronto focus. Unsurprisingly, fear for the future is a pretty common motif from this particular demographic, but there was still some Harper support to be found among the Toronto tweeple.

Ok Toronto, let make sure Hudak gets elected Premier in the fall so we can fully transform into a colder Texas. #pleasemoreG20 #elxn41hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Why on Earth would Toronto, of all cities, reward the CPC under Stephen Harper with more seats? Quick to forgive and forget! #elxn41 #g20hours ago via web

You may be my hometown but FUCK you #Toronto. Seriously. #elxn41hours ago via ÜberSocial

Sadly, by my math, it looks like Toronto and surrounding is largely responsible for conservative majority. Sigh #elxn41hours ago via web

I blame Toronto for this nightmare. I already hated those Maple Leaf lovers and now I have even more contempt. #elxn41hours ago via Twitter for Mac

It's gonna be a damn blue tuesday in Toronto #elxn41hours ago via TweetDeck

The Conservatives' huge 2% rise in popular support gives them a real mandate for change. Or whatever.hours ago via Echofon

The icing on the cake is Bev Oda won #elxn41 #electionday #NDP #LPChours ago via web

Canada inches closer to becoming Italy. Oh and I'm not talking about wine, food or bocce balls. #elxn41hours ago via Twitter for iPhone Looking at the map, the southern part of Toronto is predominantly #NDP - hey let's separate! ;) #elxn41hours ago via web

Can Toronto once again be called Tory Toronto? #elxn41hours ago via web

CPC gained 17 seats in the GTA at the Libs' expense. Most of them were due to vote-splitting with the NDP. It's Toronto's fault. #elxn41hours ago via TweetDeck

what i learned tonight: a) you can't stop twitter and b) no matter what, toronto-centre elects a liberal. no. matter. what. #elxn41hours ago via web

Toronto and Ontario who love Rob Ford also love Stephen Harper. #elxn41hours ago via web

Is the NDP Canada's Tea Party, a buncha ideologically headstrong rookie politicos that siphoned support from their more tepid incarnation?hours ago via web

Toronto-Davenport: Communist Party: 167 votes. I could get that many votes promising my neighbours I'd turn my music down #elxn41about an hour ago via web

Maybe in retrospect Stephane Dion won't look quite as bad as he once did #elxn40 #elxn41about an hour ago via web

The Harper supporters in my office are gloating.this morning via Twitter for Android

Now at least the art will get betteryesterday via Twitter for iPhone

Ok fuck it, I wanna see Harper's birth certificate. #elxn41hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

After seeing the voting map, I have absolutely no problem with Toronto having toll roads for out-of-towners. #elxn41hours ago via web

They just showed the Toronto election map. Based on previous recent such maps, I welcome our new leader Rob Ford. #elxn41hours ago via TweetDeck

#elxn41 Toronto Has grown up. :) Never been more proud to be from T. we have an awesome Mayor and now PM. Province is next!hours ago via web

Unbelievable, first time that Cons have cracked metropolitan Canada, Toronto and Vancouver. CBC. #elxn41hours ago via Twitter for iPad

The Toronto Star needs to stop telling people how to vote. Just look at the results of the Toronto mayor's race and #elxn41.hours ago via Mobile Web

Why are people sad? Our mayor promised that a Conservative government would be good for TO. Are you calling him a liar?About an hour ago via web

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