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Sunday Supplement: Martin Sheen helps a brother out, transportation talk that may not walk, and some Air Show unrest

Sunday Supplement rounds up the week's most important, amusing and link-worthy news stories.

With the mayoral race officially closed to new entries, we enter into the true home stretch of the campaign. In light of this, two key transportation plans -- both of which are problematic in their own ways -- took centre stage in the news this week. Oh, and there's that film festival in town too.


"I have the best chance to be mayor." -- Weizhen Tang, an alleged ponzi schemer, sums up his reasons for making a last minute entry into the mayoral race. The question is, will he beat Kevin Clarke?

"I've been a union member all my adult life." -- Martin Sheen joins striking hotel workers outside the Royal York hotel.

"With all these tax cuts and everything, they are going to have to close the libraries three days a week to pay for it. Rob Ford's supporters won't mind, because they can't read." -- Howard Moscoe taking a parting shot at Rob Ford's base.

"We'll freeze politicians' wages, cut their budgets by $2 million, and dump their language lessons and other perks," he added. The City Hall frequent flyers [sic] club is going out of business." -- Mayoral candidate George Smitherman sounding a whole hell of a lot like Rob Ford.

"So often the argument people use for keeping the air show alive is: 'It's tradition.' We think it's an outdated tradition.... We hate that there are these war planes flying over Toronto neighbourhoods." -- An Air Show protester explains her reasoning for demonstrating at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Thomson Bike City


10 -- The number of anti-Air Show protesters picnicking at Trinity Bellwoods Park last Monday.

339 / 59 / 27,047 -- The number of films screening at TIFF, how many countries they come from, and their total running time in minutes.

75 minutes -- The duration of Follow Your Bliss's Ganja Yoga class.

9 - Kilometres of physically separated bike lanes in Sarah Thomson's recently revealed Bike City plan.

50 km/h -- Thomson's proposed speed limit on all Toronto streets that aren't expressways (as part of Bike City).

$4 billion -- The cost of Rob Ford's transportation plan, which was released on Wednesday.

$3,000 -- The maximum fine for butting cigarettes out on the street under Liberal MP Dave Levac's proposed private member's bill.

Poll of the week

This one's a cinch. With Rob Ford and Sarah Thomson talking transportation, it's time to put their "visions" to the pragmatism test.

Photo of Martin Sheen by *Lemur* in the blogTO Flickr pool. Thomson's bike map of Toronto is from her Bike City plan.

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