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Live video from the G20 front lines: the calm before the storm

Live camera feeds pointed at the G20 front lines show an eerie calm before the storm.

Hosted online by residents within the G20 security zone, we watch the eerily quiet scenes not far from the front entrance of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre -- the location of tomorrow's leader's summit.

Streets normally packed with the hustle and bustle of cars, bikes, and pedestrians are almost completely barren. But the same may not be true tomorrow and Sunday.

Front Street and Blue Jays Way (link to chat).

John Street and Wellington Street (link to chat).

At 8 a.m. this morning blogTO reader Lesley (Half my Dad's age on Flickr) took photos at the corners of University & Queen (lead photo), and University & Harbord (below), showing similar ghost town-like scenes in a city that's normally rather difficult to navigate.

empty streets g20 toronto

Aden Camera at Yonge & Elm is taking precautions in an attempt to spare their windows (photo by

boarded up stores toronto g20


And even the "Eternal Flame" outside of Metro Hall has been

eternal flame metro hall g20

temporarily snuffed out and covered up for the duration of the weekend (photo by ~andre).

Whatever happens tomorrow, when the leaders make their way down from Muskoka and from abroad, let's hope it remains safe for all involved - both protesters and security officials alike.

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