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Sunday Supplement: more Michael Bryant, the TTC passenger audit, G20 summit blues, "summer" arrives in Toronto, the week in numbers

Sunday Supplement rounds up the week's most important, amusing and link-worthy news stories.

"As for the justice system, I now have a unique perspective from its highest pedestal as attorney general to its pillory, a defendant cuffed in the back of a squad car accused of two very serious offences involving the tragic death of a man.... The whole experience has been incredibly humbling and rightly so." - Michael Bryant, a free man.

"I don't know what justice is in this circumstance. I'm not happy with the result... I'm not sure what would have made me happy." - Sheppard's father on news of the dropped charges.

"Passengers aren't just passengers...they want to be players." - Joe Mihevc to Metro Morning's Matt Galloway on his proposed passenger audit of subway stations.

Adam Giambrone, TTC Chair, just wants

Adam Giambrone twitter

to see the money:

But forget the dollars, the nasty washrooms and burned out bulbs of our subway stations. "The reality is that we are in the last gasps, living out a circumstance on the backbone of an infrastructure built when I was an itty bitty baby, and it's time to take bold steps forward to get the city moving again." - George Smitherman on his transit plan for Toronto.

  • By the numbers...

$7 billion - The additional, non-road toll, city-provided funding big G's transit plan will cost.

3.9 metres - The height of the fence at billionaire Paul Bronfman's Forest Hill home, which is 1.9 metres higher than allowed by city of Toronto by-laws.

16th - Toronto's ranking on the Mercer Quality of Living index.

31 C - Temperature on May 26, when Toronto broke the record of 30.6 C set in 1944.

28% - Percentage of Torontonians who received an H1N1 shot.

13 lbs - The weight of poutine consumed by Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti, who won the inaugural World Poutine Eating Championship.

And though it's yet to be measured in height, I'm betting the recently revealed G20 perimeter and the related $1 billion security costs take the cake this week.G20 security map

  • And so, this week's poll:

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