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Morning Brew: Entertainment District a Hot Spot for Assault, Sarah Thomson Enters Mayoral Race, Movenpick Marche to Return to Yonge St., One Marathon Too Many, Neighbourhood Feud in Orillia

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Everyone is talking about the recent spike in pedestrian deaths on Toronto streets, and much like when cyclist Darcy Sheppard was killed, it's turning into a walkers versus drivers feud. For example, Spacing's Dylan Reid found this CBC The National segment appalling for focusing the blame too much on pedestrians. But is it really unfair to put emphasis on pedestrians? For one, many drivers get professional training and all are tested before they're licensed - but the same isn't true for pedestrians, who have to learn on their own. Furthermore, it's the people that are walking that are the ones getting hurt and killed, right? I think it's important to avoid the us v.s them pitfall here. On a related note, Posted Toronto has shared a map of the pedestrian fatalities in Toronto so far in 2010.

Going night clubbing in Toronto can be fun, but due to the very nature of things (alcohol, drugs, pheromones, competition, etc), it can also come with risks. A study by Ryerson, U of T, and St.Michael's Hospital has found that those risks are real and can be observed in emergency response and hospital visit data related to assaults.

A 72-year old, 90lb grandmother is being credited for helping put an end to one allegedly naughty family's "reign of terror" over an Orillia neighbourhood. With any luck no more dog feces will be thrown or firecrackers set off in the middle of the night, after she's been granted a peace bond,

If you have a few minutes to spend today, why not spend it getting to better know the first female candidate to enter the mayoral race? Sarah Thomson is an experienced media type, fiscally conservative, and thinks that Toronto needs more subways, not Transit City. And she's playing up the "change" angle a l'Obama.

Remember the MĂśvenpick MarchĂŠ that used to be at Yonge and Wellington? It's coming back this fall. Employees at the outgoing Richtree have all been laid off, and the restaurant closed on Sunday. Tourists and Torontonians alike probably won't even notice the transition.

And two major marathons in the city are apparently one too many. The City is going to move forward on the issue, and plans to force Scotiabank and GoodLife to figure out which will continue to host a marathon and which will fold. Or perhaps they can come to a co-sponsorship agreement and host one massive healthy body and health wallet run.

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