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Morning Brew: The TTC's Bad Week, HST to be Election Issue, Baby Gorilla Named, G20 Coming to Toronto?, Kessel Worth the Price?

Photo: "downtown 063" by Roger's Eye, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

It would seem that a private Enbridge contractor cut away a bit too much of the Jackes Avenue bridge, right over TTC tracks, forcing the recently-beleaguered transit agency to shut down rush hour Yonge line service between Bloor and Eglinton. The TTC came on strong to pass the buck and even the Mayor tried to keep the blame away from Giambrone & Co. That service resumed around 8:30pm last night might appease some riders, but it doesn't change that this just ain't the TTC's week.

Don't expect any public hearings on the proposed HST. Premier McGuinty made it clear yesterday that he considers the 2011 provincial election to be the chance for constituents to weigh in on the weighty tax. Not sure if that's the Premier being silly, strategic or just laying down the gauntlet.

Police nabbed a 21-year-old and a 15-year-old accomplice in Malton yesterday, on charges for the murder of George Kalogerakis. Now three more suspects are sought after a shooting - fatal for Alex Rundle - in Etobicoke last evening. Maybe I was blinded by the summer sun, but after what seemed like a lot of early 2009 shootings violent crime seemed to get better... until the last few weeks.

Dads are used to having input into their son's names, but choosing the name by choosing a pile of fruit may be less conventional. Unless you're a lowland gorilla named Charles, who did exactly that to select Nassir - a Middle Eastern name meaning protector - for the Toronto Zoo's newest baby gorilla. Come to think of it, having everybody else narrow the list down and me just choosing something to eat might have made picking my own son's name a bit easier.

Torontonians may get to play "Spot Your World Leaders" next year; the G20 summit tentatively scheduled for Muskoka may get moved out of cottage country in favour of more lodging and security in the big city. Kind of ironic since most people head to Muskoka for the open space and peacefulness.

Damien Cox finds the silver lining of the shroud surrounding the Leafs: Phil Kessel may just be worth what the Leafs paid for him. Which, considering the team's performance thus far, may well be one of the highest draft picks next year. Is that really enough to appease Leaf fans?

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