Student Charged With Assault of Police Officer at Northern Secondary

Northern Secondary school in Toronto is making the news after this video, depicting an altercation between a 16-year old student and the uniformed police officer stationed at the school, made it onto YouTube a few days ago.

Titled "Student Arrested At Northern Secondary School For No Reason," the video shows what looks like a challenging arrest.

It's alleged that the student was insulting the officer and refusing to identify himself, which led to the officer's attempt to arrest the student for trespassing. While it's not clear to me that the officer was assaulted, it is clear that the student wasn't cooperating, and that taunting by spectators certainly wasn't helping the situation.

The tension in the air was thick, and fellow students appear to have been a hindrance rather than any help.

But what is perhaps of even more concern to me is what's revealed by the person who posted the video. Below is a verbatim copy of what the video taker accounts:

Aa friend of mine gets harrassed by the cops at my school, Northern Secondary School in Toronto. You can see that the WHOLE school was there. And when we were at da hallway, you can hear da people shouting 'read him his rights', 'he didnt do shit', 'fucken paki cop!' etc. And da cop wouldnt even say y he was arrestin my nigga. WTF is dis. plus, dat cop is at our school every day, hes assigned to our school, n man, dat guy is gon get his ass harrassed off. i actually got a bit scared for my nigga. i seen like 12 cops run into da room wit da paki cop n my nigga, and undercover cops, n dis is b4 da screamin, so they were doin some shit in that room to him. n lata, i got out of da school, n i went outside, n i see like 5, 6 cop cars out there, wit cops outside tellin everyone to get off the property. n dis is fucked up, dis is all cuz of my nigga, one man. n i get a cop comin to be like 'sorry, u gotta get off da property' so im just like aight, but i just stayed on da pavement, like not even, i jus nodded my head, he left, i chilled. n den im just like, nahh, u cant do dat shit to my man. so i go back in, n i see my nigga in da middle of like 10 cops bein escorted out, n i got dis eye contact wit him, n i could juss see da man was cheesed, n i swear his face was gettin bruised n shit, n i juss give him a nod, cuz he know i got his back, i got dis shit. so im wakkin like two feet ahead of them back out da school n everyone comes back to da crowd, where hes at, n we got cops surroundin him n takin him to da car, n it was so fucked up. n its rainin at da same time n im gettin mad chills. n im hearin these cops goin to students like 'get off the property or ill arrest for trespassin' n da students are just like 'trespassin? dis is fucken public property' den da cops like 'yo, dis is da toronto district school boards property' and da mans like 'I GOT TO DIS FUCKEN SCHOOL FOOL' n juss walks away, man, i was laughin. n across da street, i see some cop grab a kid, separate him from da crowd n just starts shoutin n cussin at da kid. n it was juss goin everywhere. n man, dis is all for my nigga, all for my nigga. FREE MY NIGGA, FREE MY NIGGA, FREE MY NIGGA!

Things sure have changed since I was a high school student. We didn't have police patrolling our school, and we didn't have students tossing racial slurs at persons of authority.

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