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Morning Brew: Rats Love Scrambled Eggs, Marketers Targeting Students on Facebook, Blue Jays have All-Stars

Photo: "Raccoon - 5 babies" by Nikopol_TO, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

There's a class action lawsuit brewing, naming Expedia.ca and accusing the online travel middleman of violating consumer protection laws by tacking on non-itemized taxes and service fees.

Students entering universities are being tricked into joining Facebook groups set up by online marketers. Youngsters: be sure that when you join the UofT Class of 2014 group, it's not being run by a marketer who is going to spam you and sell your personal info for years to come.

There's been an arrest in the massive blaze that destroyed almost an entire complex of townhomes under construction in Mississauga last week. A teenager (who is a nearby resident) is accused of arson, and police believe that he may also be responsible for the fire set to the same site back in February. If this is the guy, I'd be really curious about motive - most 19-year olds aren't generally so afflicted by the influx of development into suburbia.

Ordinary citizens cruising Toronto's streets with a truck and offering to haul away your garbage for a fee is not legal. If they do it as a good will gesture, however, it's fine. But judging by the comments in my recent post about questionable private garbage removal services, most people don't care who takes away their garbage or where they're taking it.

You learn something new every day. Today I learned that rats love scrambled eggs, macaroni and cheese, corn, potatoes, and oatmeal. They're not so keen on raw beets, celery, peaches, cooked cauliflower, or grapefruit. All Torontonians are therefore urged to eat nothing but the latter, and hold their ensuing gas when on the subway because it's not likely that we'll see any requests for back-to-work legislation coming from Mayor Miller.

Two Toronto Blue Jays players are going to the 2009 All-Star game in St. Louis. Pitcher Roy Halladay and second baseman Aaron Hill are both deserving of the honour.

And for those of you who were not indoors and online all weekend (because those thunderstorms never really did come, did they?), here's a quick recap of what blogTO was up to:

  • Beverly checked out Negroni, a new panini and fresh Italian food joint in Little Italy.
  • Briony shared some useful fashion tips after enjoying a shop-in-your-own-closet style consultation courtesy of Wendy Woods (of The Refinery).
  • Christopher got a history lesson, fended off his fear or horses, and got to meet some of the Toronto Police's biggest and baddest at the CNE's Horse Palace.
  • Catherine chatted with Megan Griffith-Greene, co-editor of Shameless Magazine, about the recently launched She's Shameless anthology.
  • Emily and Alyssa checked out Cool Hand of a Girl, a cafe in the Junction, and determined that the breakfast was a little yawn-worthy but the pie rather divine.

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