Morning Brew: February 3rd, 2009

Photo: "Do Not Disturb" by ~EvidencE~, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

The Toronto District School Board will be voting to determine whether or not three more specialized, alternative schools should be added to the existing 37 in September. One touts a holistic approach, another puts emphasis on socially-oriented curriculum, and a third brings arts and phys. ed. to the same level as other disciplines. Should the TDSB be focusing on select schools for these specialty programs, or should these concepts be better integrated into our schools, system wide?

Buy KD in bulk, forget about taking taxis, and hunker down for another staycation this summer... Ontario is in for a "a significant, multiyear deficit" and Premier McGuinty isn't talking about consumer spending anymore. He's warning of deep cuts in government spending, a long ride, and a slow recovery.

With all the scraping and saving going on, we're going to need to keep ourselves entertained on the cheap this summer. The City is looking at investing money into further cleaning the beach at Sunnyside, making it more swimmable. Others argue that the money would be better spent on maintaining/updating our city pools.


A team of incredibly keen and talented students at Humber College successfully completed their bold plan to create a homemade communications device and talk to astronauts aboard the International Space Station. These guys are so good that they can make batteries out of a lemons in their sleep.

A woman narrowly missed being hit by a car... IN her home. Apparently the vehicle hit a snow bank and went airborne before smashing through the South Kingsway residence, where a woman was working in her home office. CityNews has some wild photos and video.

CTV Weatherman David Devall has been a familiar face for over 40 years, but on April 3rd he'll give his final report before retiring. Hopefully he takes himself to a place where his retirement days will be sunny and 24 degrees Celcius consistently.

A robber who held up the TTC collector booth at Lawrence West station is being sought and the getaway vehicle... er... child's scooter he used for his escape is being examined and tagged as evidence.

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