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Morning Brew: February 19th, 2009

Photo: "Melting Streets" by emmlalala, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Police discovered a gruesome scene north of Toronto recently. What's alleged to be a cockfighting ring (a blood sport I witnessed in Manila once, and have no desire to see again) was brought down and 70 people charged (many whom had brought their own cocks to fight). With so many people there as participants and observers, it makes you wonder how long this group was functioning, and how it was able to do so unabated.

While record job losses are being reported across the country, the City of Toronto is still managing to take on new hires. 1,041 new city jobs (including positions with the TTC, police, and the welfare department) are said to be needed, and will be funded despite the economic downturn. Is this gross mismanagement, or necessary response to the growth of our city's needs?


Police are looking for a stolen van but the owner is far more concerned about the cargo than the vehicle itself. It turns out that the (clearly intentional) theft was coupled with an accidental dognapping - when the van was stolen from the curbside, a man's best friend was inside.

Transit City might begin construction of LRT lines as early as this summer, if the spring budget includes the funds to start the digging. Let's hope it doesn't come with a fare hike.

If you found a wallet with a wad cash in it, but no ID to track down the owner, how much effort would you put into tracking down the rightful owner? While many people might exert enough effort to put it into their own pockets (and maybe pay a visit to the store to buy that TV they've always wanted), one south Etobicoke resident was kind enough to turn it over to the owner after the police and media got involved.

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