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Just Jags: Where the Old Cats Go to Die

While paying a visit to one of my old haunts, I came upon a Jaguar graveyard a stone's throw away - 'Just Jags'. For me, nothing is more haunting than the husk of a vehicle or building which exists in operative form elsewhere. Not knowing the safeguards such a property might have, I waited until an immaculate '77 XJ sleuthed in, and bracing myself, gingerly made my way out back to find someone who might be able to answer my questions.

just jags

The older British gentleman I found seemed very wary of my presence at first, but after discovering that I too was a car fan (if only aesthetically), he let me have free range of his bizarre property (warning me to watch my step).

just jags

Ok, so perhaps the business' name Just Jags is a bit misleading; although primarily Jaguars (including a custom-built limo and several funeral procession leads), there was a wide range of British and European wrecks on the lot.

just jags

Among those at the rear were several beautiful old Volkswagen Beetles, in various states of decay.

just jags

One of the more interesting vehicles was an old Alfa Romeo military jeep; I had initially mistaken this for a classic 'Willy's Jeep' by AMC (which later became Chrysler).

just jags

Old Mercedes' will always have a soft spot in my heart - the classic flagship of military and political leaders the world around.

just jags

There is something very profound and beautiful about an automobile put out to pasture. We rely so heavily on motor vehicles, and merely 'expect' them to keep going, day after day. Try dragging your washing machine up the stairs every day, and see how long it lasts.

just jags

Might this have been Herbie?

just jags

What is most beautiful about Just Jags is that, despite the title of this photo essay, it is actually a place of reincarnation; anyone who has owned a 70s-90s Jaguar (or knows someone who did/does), is well aware that it is a labour of love. They were not the most mechanically well build machines, but by God are they beautiful - even in their advanced demise.

A few more snaps from my journey into the car graveyard:

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