Morning Brew: April 15th, 2008

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Your Toronto morning news roundup for Tuesday April 15th, 2008:

A fiery traffic accident spilled pigs on the 401 yesterday, prompting closure of the highway and a torrent of barbecue jokes. This is the second time within a month that a number of animals destined for slaughter needed to be shot by police (it was a cow the first time).

In other pig news (I kid!), an off-duty police officer is in hot water after he allegedly let road rage get the better of him. When driving in the Dundas St and DVP area, he responded to an obscene gesture by another driver by waving his gun in the window. Smooth move.


Mayor Miller is in China. How weird is it that he's talking about Tibet and enhancing International trade? Shouldn't he be focusing on Toronto, and leaving the International pandering to the province and feds? Pardon my critical tone, but the exchange program they've set up seems rather high schoolish.

Ever walk up to a taxi cab at 3am only to be refused a ride? Apparently the problem is wide-spread (especially in the city's entertainment district), and police have been on a crackdown to stop cabbies from refusing your business in search for a bigger fare.

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