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Morning Brew: April 10th, 2008

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Your Toronto morning news roundup for Thursday April 10th, 2008:

A $77,000 violin owned by a TSO performer was accidentally left at a TTC stop and thought lost forever. After a $1000 reward for its return was offered, a man discovered it in the possession of a homeless woman and bartered his way into acquiring it for $35 and a silver ring. And the reward? The man has collected it and plans to pass on some food vouchers if he happens across the homeless woman again.

If you run a red light at one of Toronto's 37 camera-equipped intersections, you may face a $180 fine and 3 demerit points. But changes given the go-ahead by city council may see the fine upped to $500 and 5 demerit points. And the number of intersections with the potential for cameras to be in place is quadrupling. Addendum: reader Patrick points out that demerit points can only be given in cases in which an officer witnesses the infraction. Camera data can be used to issue fines, but not to issue demerit points. Thanks for pointing this out, Patrick.


The LCBO is being pressured by the provincial government to abandon their super thick, glossy, plastic bags in favour of paper, less eco-offensive plastic, or reusable cloth alternatives. blogTO readers weighed in on this issue back in January when the LCBO unveiled larger paper bags (and then proceeded to use them in combination with rather than in lieu of the plastic ones).

TTC Strike Watch:
An announcement by the Union is expected at a news conference at 11:30am today. Will it be a strike in 48h or a declaration of work-to-rule? Either way, it'll suck for transit users, and there's not much that we can do about it but hope that our employers are flexible and forgiving when we show up late.

GO Transit is introducing into service a dozen new , snazzy, double-decker buses on their commuter routes. What's more impressive to me is the increased capacity, not the improved view riders will get of the 407 (video link).

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