Spill Proof Beer, double Trojan Style

Out Loud and Effin' Proud, Toronto Pride Week Launches with a Shimmy and a Shake

Woody's and Sailor's played host to a gaggle of camera happy media as politicians, performers, radio hosts and even a Naked News anchor celebrated the launch of this year's "Unstoppable" themed Pride Week.

Entering its 27th year, this year's Pride Week of festivities promises to be even nuttier than previous years' events with more concerts, performances, parties and buttless chaps than you can shake a magic wand at.

For full details, check out the freely available Pride Guide, which can be found in any number of stores, magazines, and on subway seats all across the TTC. There will be all sorts of concerts happening next weekend as well with Lezzies on X, Jeffree Star, Indigo Girls, Kids on TV, Genderfukt, Put the Rifle Down and a dung load more. It'll be the queer NXNE we all wished for; concert specific profiles are on their way.

In the meantime bump the jump for the quick picks, licks, and likely a few dicks, as well as some shots of the fabulous Donnarama, Miss Conception and Daytona, and one of that Naked News anchor mentioned previously.

I'd say that shot is NSFW, but it's Saturday so I'll assume it's a non-issue.


It's your birthday!

New events are being added if they are both suggested, and pass my patented 'double awesome' test.

Saturday, June 16

Addicted to Love: the I FURIOSI Baroque Ensemble play a "gay and not so gay" Baroque concert with lutenist Lucas Harris. I've been hearing about this one for a while now, and the pride organizers have been letting me know that this is one of their big score/double awesome events. If you've got $20 ($15 if you buy them RIGHT NOW at the Pride Toronto office instead of at the door), this promises to be a lust filled show complemented by the works of Handel, Geminiani and other big wigs that once wore big wigs in their day.

Sunday, June 17

Nothing's happening. Consider it a day long siesta, at least as far as Pride and their Guide are concerned.

Monday, June 18

Rainbow Flag Raising and Proclamation Event: At noon, at you leathered pantsed legs over to the City Hall where Mayor Miller and Kyle Rae will be joined by the Forte Men's Choir for the hoisting of the rainbow. Let out the cat calls and get Miller to take off his coat while you're at it.

Artwherk!: Spoken werd from beatnik queers along with "creative new artists" at 491 Church St, 2nd floor. Runs from 6-9pm

Pride Video Launch: They're promising a "wild" launch party. Well, this is Pride Week. "Wild" is a relative term, so they better realize they're pressed to impress. 1-6pm at The Drake Underground, 1150 Queen St W.

Tuesday, June 19

True Colors: Some concert with Cyndi Lauper, Erasure and Debbie Harry. Who the heck are these people anyways and why the big ticket cost? Bah, $43-$96.50 at the Molson Amphitheatre, 416-870-8000

Masqueerade Pride Prom 2007: It's just like your high school prom, minus the queer-hating jocks (replaced with queer-loving jocks). Aimed at high school students (whom I guess have yet to or just did celebrate prom) but meant for everyone. Door prizes for people who look hawt and dance hawter! 8pm-1am at Buddies, 12 Alexander St. Tix are $10 advance/door.

No Pictures!

Wednesday, June 20

ILGCN World Rainbow Cultural Conference: Two seminars on Iranians in Exile and Rainbow Culture "on the Barricades". Lots of art, music, and films to be screened as well, check out U of T's Committee Room and Hart House between 5-7pm

Queer Reflections: Old GLBT creative writers and zinesters have their achievements over the years celebrated at The 510 between 7-9pm, 519 Church St. 416-392-6878 x118

Thursday, June 21

AIDS Candlelight Vigil: Even if you haven't personally been touched by AIDS, someone less than six-steps from you almost certainly has. Now's the time to show your support, celebrate life, and remember those lost. Happening at The 519 on Church St (civic address is 519 as well, of course) at the Allan Gardens (NE corner of the greenhouses) between 9-10pm. 416-392-6878 x118

LIBIDO: After the inherent somberness associated with the night's vigil, it might be a good idea to head down to The Gladstone afterwards to check out fem-folk bitch, Bitch (her name) for some seduction, scandal, and probably some topless dancing at some point or other. 1214 Queen St W, doors at 8pm. Night'll run you $20 with proceeds going to the Dyke March.

Friday, June 22

Hot, Sexy, and Cut Just Right: It's an underwear fashion show with hot guys and girls struttin' their, no doubt ample, stuff. Again, this is and underwear fashion show. I don't think I really need to give any more description than that, but I'l try anyways: U-N-D-E-R-W-E-A-R F-A-S-H-I-O-N S-H-O-W. That should do it. Candi Barr and Sephonda will be there too. Outside the Yonge and Bloor Subway Station doors. Event runs from Noon to 9pm, with the fashion show itself starting at 8pm.

Look Ma', no hands!

Saturday, June 23

Pride and Remembrance Run: The 5 km run/walk starts at Church and Wellesley at 10 am. Entry is $30, so get your personal sponsors to pay up in advance! runorwalk@priderun.org

Franco-Fete: Je suis une Montreal anglophone, mais je supporte mes franco freres, and I hope they forgive my beyond broken French language skills. Ontario's Swing group and Quebec's Dobocaracol pledge to keep your toes dancin' all day long. Youth show at 2pm, Main show at 7 pm, both at the Harbourfront Centre. 235 Queen's Quay W. info@franco-fete.ca

DSD Dance: For dykes supporting dykes and anyone else supporting them to boot. Support the queer women's community, by dancing with them! 8pm-1am at the Central YMCA, 20 Grosvenor St, 2nd floor. $25

Dyke March: The title says it all. The march starts on Hayden and Church Streets at 2pm, and runs around Bloor and Yonge, finishing at Wood and Church. Heh, Wood, at the Dyke March. Heh heh, heh heh heh.

Pride Paint Party: Suggested by Arnon and totally worth mentioning after I conducted a thorough investigation. Imagine what you get when there's a barefoot dance floor, black lights, and UV reactive body paints... nice eh? Alas, the event is for 'womyn' only, meaning anyone who identifies themselves as such. Did I mention that I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body, Arnon? 805 Dovercourt Street (Dovercourt House), and happening after The Dyke March. Tix are $15 and can be bought at the Toronto Women's Bookstore. Dress fabulous.

Sunday, June 24

Pride Parade: Loved by some, loathed by others, the Pride Parade is the big climax to the festivities whether you like it or not. The "Unstoppable!" excess starts at Bloor and Church Streets at 2pm, does some twists, turns, and a few folds to end on Gerrard and Church Streets. Whatever your kink, one gets the feeling your eyes and ears won't walk away empty handed.

Shots courtesy of BlogTO's own Adam Schwabbbby, and myself. Hit his Flickr set (and mine) for more fabulosity

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