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All the best for the holiday season from those of us at blogTO to everyone out there... and don't think that because I'm posting this on the 25th that we are enforcing the value of any one holiday over another. Here's how some members of the blogTO staff are spending their (non-denominational holiday gathering period):

Bonus egg nog recipe after the jump!

Matt: Typical lapsed Protestant holiday gathering with my extended family and plenty of home made egg nog.

Egg nog recipe:

  1. Blend six raw eggs in a mixer for several minutes until very frothy

  2. Blend in a cup of brown sugar, half a teaspoon of vanilla, and half a teaspoon of nutmeg

  3. Pour this mixture into a large bowl and stir in 2 cups of whipping cream, 2 cups of milk, 3/4 cup of brandy and 1/2 cup of the blackest rum you can find

  4. Chill like crazy and serve.

Danielle: Happily hosting those visiting friends and relatives for the week...

Garry: Since I'm Greek-Armenian, we're hell-bent on spending time with family. Any
other way would be worthy of finger-waving. It's:

  • eating around the table with family

  • opening presents and being very loud

  • eating more food the next day

  • watching hockey and complaining about the Leafs

  • eating MORE food the next day

  • digesting all the food from the days' past.

Oh, and it's usually a good time. :)

Ryan C.: I'm in Montreal right now, and with any luck will already be on my 4th egg nog of the morning. Why Montreal, you ask? I know you asked... because it's effin' snowing here. I grew tired of the perpetual heatwave in Toronto, and am here laughing at you all from behind the shield of the snowstorm that's knocked out our power, snowed in the cars, and caused the Government to declare martial law. Joke's on you.

Mike R.: Having a belated Hanukkah dinner with the family... what else is a poor little Jew to do.

Tanja: After a little dutiful singing in the choir, I'm heading up to Vaughan for an enourmous feast at my aunt's place, which will then lead to much wine and espresso, someone fully dressing up as Santa, and everyone - young and old - sitting on his lap as he makes wisecracks and gives them their gifts. Later, perhaps we try to burn off the meal by dancing in the wrapping paper mess.

Jerrold: My family will be celebrating on the 24th this year, and I'll have to break away from the house for a couple of hours to partake in the 9th annual Taco Bell Classic (TBC) with old friends. Every xmas eve for the last 9 years, about 20 of my friends and I have had lunch at the fast food joint in Etobicoke. On the fifth year we had custom t-shirts made and they thought we were a crew from head office. Next year's milestone 10th should be extra special. Oh, and I usually get the fries because I can't eat the nasty liquified meat there, especially before having a proper Christmas meal!

Karen: Writing from Kitchener right now, I'm stuck in my freezing cold room where I'm surrounded by way too much wrapping paper and prezzies up to my eyeballs. Once this is over, I am looking forward to a midnight bevy with friends at the local uptown bar. Alas, I have a small fear that will mean I shall end up with a brunch-i-licious hangover. No matter, it doesn't take THAT much effort to open presents Christmas Eve-Day with the nephews.

This is the year where I finally get to sleep in on Christmas day. Having done all the gifting the day before...for ONCE I won't have to arise at the crack of dawn and have a dazed and confused gift exchange with the parents...yesssssssssssssss.

At that point, my life is scheduled by my parents and friends. Go here...do this...I just follow like a lemming and have a few drinks along the way to let it all blur by until I can come back to Toronto... right back to where I should be.

Ian: I'll be playing with my new toys the first few days and working a lot of overtime the rest of "holidays..." Not the most glamorous vacation, but my family should be around so I'll be able to spend some time with them.

Ryan R.: I'm hangin' out in the sticks of eastern Ontario, drinkin' holiday pints with with family and friends, tryin' not to think about my life in the city.

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