Gardiner Expressway becomes the next hot button election issue

Morning Brew: September 28, 2006

Your morning news roundup for Thursday, September 28, 2006:

Forget the trash-to-London debacle: tearing down the Gardiner is the new big election issue in the wake of the report released yesterday.

One more reason Toronto is not like all the other cities in North America: we're the only place where the Blue Man Group hasn't survived. The group announced that the show would close this coming January.

Your donation of clothes to charitable organizations may just be lining the pockets of some not-so-charitable companies.

A police chase yesterday ended in "major structural damage" to a house that got in the way of the suspects. Nobody in the house or in the car wa seriously injured.

Raptors training camp opens next week, and gone will be the days of the Purple Dinos. Hopefully, their losing ways will be gone as quickly as the old uniforms.

We're not having more babies; Canada's increase in population to 32.6 million is mainly due to immigration.

Government 'paperwork' is going paper-free, as the Ontario government is planning to offer SINs, marriage certificates and much more online.

A Toronto cop is going to Jamaica, while a Jamaican officer is coming to Toronto. International understanding in action at its best.

While security guards claim they are trying to deal with drug-trafficking, residents in Little Mogadishu claim they are being harassed.

Corporate leaders from around the city came to help build a playground in Lawrence Heights yesterday, showing that a lot can be done if you just roll up your sleeves.

Nothing to do tonight? That's a lie: Spacing's Fall 2006 release party rocks the Gladstone at 8pm.

Ontario's about to launch a deposit-return system on bottles sold at the LCBO, but Eye lets the cat out of the bag by telling us all that only 20 percent of all glass collected in blue boxes gets recycled into new bottles.

Eye Weekly gives us a nice roundup of Nuit Blanche by zone, and NOW has a nice list of their best bets for this weekend's arts festival.

(Image: Gary A.K.)

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