US Senate Claims Toronto Trash a National Security Risk

Morning Brew: July 17, 2006

Your morning news roundup for Monday, July 17, 2006:

The US Senate has decided to once again try and block Toronto's trash from going to Michigan, because this time, our garbage is a threat to national security.

Toronto's under a heat alert for the fourth time this summer, but the Toronto Star tells us to stop complaining: apparently last year was worse.

Lindros leaves Toronto for Dallas, freeing up some room in the Leaf's salary cap for a player that won't sit out injured all season.

After Toronto police finally identified the body of a woman found in a garbage bag in Rexdale this weekend, they now have the task to identify the body of a man who was found in Flemingdon Park yesterday.

Toronto firefighters faced more heat than the rest of us this weekend as they battled three fires in the northwest of the city.

A woman who left her grandmother in a sweltering SUV for an hour yesterday while she went shopping had this to say: "It was an accident...we just didn't think." Understatement of the year.

(Image: EcoComplex)

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