Hurricanes beat Oilers in Game 7

Morning Brew: June 20, 2006

Your morning news roundup for Tuesday, June 20, 2006:

Carolina beats Edmonton to win the Stanley Cup in seven games.. World Cup fans in Toronto rejoice that soccer might finally get first billing on SportsCentre.

The GTAA tries out The Link, an automated people-mover at Pearson International Airport, and I think the first thing they need to do is get a less clichĂŠd name.

Pride Week kicked off yesterday, and on a fully related note, Ryerson University has really bad timing.

An elderly lady gets trapped under a moving streetcar, and it took the operator over half a block to realize it. Scary.

Toronto child-porn cop steps down after nightmares haunt his mind; looks like years of therapy lies ahead.

Christopher Hume looks at the franchise-free oasis in the city we like to call the Distillery District. Anyone going to join me at Balzac's for coffee this afternoon?

(Image: CBC)

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