Kardi wins big at MMVAs

Morning Brew: June 19, 2006

Your morning news roundup for Monday, June 19, 2006:

Hedley pulled an Avril Lavigne and mooned the crowd, but Kardi showed us all that we were just Everyday Rudebwoys at last night's MMVA's.

Some people obviously didn't get the memo, as a weekend of shooting mars the Stop the Violence Walk yesterday in downtown Toronto.

I've heard of a bike safety blitz, but pulling out handcuffs just goes to show that Toronto Police just don't get what "safety" really is.

Expect a protest at Ryerson today as Margaret Somerville gets her honorary degree: how is Ryerson managing to spin this as a freedom of speech issue?

Pizza Pizza founders are upset with each other because one of them had an extra slice. Nasty lawsuit to ensue.

A documentary filmmaker is making a movie about how much the rest of Canada hates Toronto. I say they're all just jealous.

(Image: AllHipHop.com)

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