Canadian International Auto Show

-Putting the finishing polish at the Canadian International Auto Show-

FYI - This is going to turn into a photo post.

The CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW parks its wheels for 9 days at an extravagant 3 building display starting Friday, Feb 17 - 26.

The following is what you can look forward to for your $20 admission.



AJAC (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada) 2006 Canadian Car of the Year Award Winners.

Over 60 of Canada's top automotive journalists attend an annual "TestFest" to choose the best new vehicles in eleven categories including: Best New Technology, Best New Design, Best New Truck and ultimately Car of the Year.

The Car of the Year vote results are posted to the AJAC website for use by consumers as a resource buying guide and are believed to be influencial to car buyers by 58.4%. - On a side note, last year when I attended the Auto Show, I indeed creamed over the Ford Escape Hybrid and it was partially because I did read some report that it was the best 'green' SUV - and I don't mean the colour.

Speaking of Green ...


This is the display for Electrovaya. How I understand it, is that if you contact them, they will take an existing car and turn it from a gasoline engine to an electric using their Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery technology without a reduction in its intended performance. WOW! The only thing is with several of the models you would have to plug in to recharge, but with others, a solar energy panel is installed on the roof of the car.

Which would look funny on any one of the classic cars on display.




... and I forgot to ask if they would be able to convert motorcycles like the ones Yamaha has on display alongside their skidoo.


Regardless ... I soo want one of these!

So there is much fun to be had at the Canadian International Auto Show ... even if you're a girl like me who really doesn't know much about cars; V8 - Isn't that a vegetable beverage? - I don't know ... once you're in, it's like the turtle wax is some sort of pheramone and the way the lights hit off the body of the cars is like a moth to a flame. - So shiny ... so pretty!

I'm generally BlogTO's film reviewer, so most of my vehicle references I have were from the car chase sequences of Bond movies to Fast and Furious.


A favorite car chase sequence brought to mind involves Gisele Bundchen and Queen Latifah in TAXI. There is something about dueling chicks grinding stick shifts that seems just so ... empowering.

In any case, the Canadian International Auto Show has something for everyone though I didn't get to see the other 2 buildings filled with cars. I think I'll bring my cousin the mechanic so he can explain things to me that I don't understand.

I guess I'll be riding shotgun this time.


Photos taken by Christine Miguel

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