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Red Rocket Coffee on Wellesley

Red Rocket Coffee cannot bribe me with free shortbread cookies. While I thoroughly encourage the attempt I simply cannot be bought. Truth! The thing is, they don't have to. I can't say enough good things about the place. Three months ago this Leslieville export landed right outside of the Village and right into the heart of young condo dwellers in the neighbourhood.

Red Rocket Toronto

While you might already be familiar with the laid back and bohemian vibe of the Leslieville location, much like its predecessor, Red Rocket on Wellesley has been done up to suit the atmosphere of the community.

Red Rocket

This space is sleek, modern and full of personality. Friendly and chatty, the guys working here are the kind of people who would not only remember your name, but probably your order before you give it. If chit chat isn't you thing, you can hunt around for a Christopher Walken head. Find one and you get a 1/2 priced coffee.

Red Rocket

Behind the counter, they know coffee. Expert pulled shots of espresso, 2 custom blends aptly named "We Have Liftoff" (light roast) and "Deep Space" (dark roast) and a few other Reunion Island options should offer something for every taste. Look for the "Cubano" (espresso filtered through cane sugar to take the edge off the bitterness and filter out impurities), and the "Miami Vice" which is a Cubano Americano ($2.20 small). If that doesn't get you up in the morning, try the "Red Rocket", drip coffee, chocolate and a double shot of espresso ($3.20 small), which, according to Dave would be useful if you had plans later to lift a house.

Red Rocket

Red Rocket, unlike most (if not all) cafe's charges for tea by the bag. It's a flat $2.10 for any size of Tea and the Sahara teas, like Chantilli Grey or a few Ayurvedic options. I can't believe more places don't do this, as there's nothing worse for having to pay upwards of an extra $1 for a little bit more hot water. I love this!

Red Rocket

In the "fancy drink" category you'll find your standard lattes ($3.20 small), but also more creative drinks like the "Hot Blondie" mocha caramel coffee ($3.70 small).

Red Rocket Cafe

Other reasons to heart Red Rocket are the sweet homemade treats from the Leslieville location, brought over daily.

Red Rocket

Carrot Zucchini muffins ($2.45), Scones ($2.50) Shortbread ($.75) and these insanely decadent waistline busting Peanut Butter Bars ($2.95). Though they were out by the time I got there, you can also get sandwiches, also made fresh daily, like a slow roasted beef with caramelized onion sandwich for $6.95.

Red Rocket

Red Rocket is open 7am to 9pm every day of the week.

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Red Rocket Coffee on Wellesley

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Red Rocket Coffee on Wellesley

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